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Kakapo Owl Parrot

The Strigops Habroptila, or (in Maori, the indigenous language) Kakapo is a large parrot native to New Zealand, with brilliant green plumage. The IUCN has labeled the Kakapo “critically endangered”, with only 120 individuals existing as of February 2010. Kakapos have a lifespan of 60 years, but are very vulnerable to predators because they have in isolated predator-free islands, and are the only flightless parrots on Earth. Kakapos are nocturnal herbivores. They are not owls, but are called owl-parrots because f their disked plumage around the face. Click images for an amazing, detailed view.


Giant Pangolin

Pangolins, members of the family Manidae, are the only scaled mammals in existence. They are very primitive and have no teeth, but are insectivores and collect insects with a long, sticky tongue. They exist in central and western Africa, living in savannahs, rainforests, and forests. This is a giant pangolin. This pangolin feeds on ants and termites.  Members of the giant pangolin species measure up to five feet, and can weigh up to 33 kg.

Yemen Chameleon

Nothing quite as cool as a chameleon, especially when voiced by  Johnny Depp  in the upcoming film Rango.

This is a Chamaeleo calyptratus, also known as a veiled chameleon. Its favorite food is locusts, and it drinks water that has pooled on leaves. Yemen Chameleons are often kept as pets because, relative to other chameleon species, they can survive easily in captivity. Click images for an beautifully detailed view.

Neotropic Cormorant

Spanish: cormorán oliváceo

Latin: Phalacrocorax brasilianus

I took this in a mangrove reserve in Yucatan. On this trip I also saw kingfishers, spider monkeys, dolphins, horseshoe crabs, exotic fish and birds of the mangrove.