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Felix (Possibly the Midwestern Worm Snake)

This is the story of Felix. I was playing  tennis in central Mexico when suddenly a snake fell out of a tree lining the court. I picked it up with my racquet and kept it as a pet for a couple of hours. He was small, harmless, and cat-like, so I named him Felix. I’m not completely sure of the species, but I suspect it’s a worm snake (Carphophis Amoenus helenae) and it had no business up in that tree.

What puzzles me is :

1. What is a midwestern worm snake doing in central Mexico.

2. Since when can a worm snake (who usually burrows and eats eathrworms) so easily climb a tree and navigate branches and twigs).

3. The belly of a worm snake is not mottled.

Rest assured there are plenty of earthworms for the worm snake to enjoy, and the soil is soft enough for the snake to burrow. But I’m not convinced that it is a worm snake.


Mangrove Crabs

I took this picture in the mangrove in Yucatan. It’s an unidentified medium-sized mangrove crab who climbed into my dinghy and was very frightened.  Mangrove crabs are considered keystone species for many reasons: they are very important in stabilizing the ecosystem. On the same trip I also saw a tiny violin crab in the mangrove, jaibas in the shallow tidewaters, and a lot of big scary  horseshoe crab carcasses on the beach.

Unidentified Lizard

I took this picture over the summer in central Mexico. I’ve been trying to identify the lizard using a bunch of different field guides but I can’t seem to find the species. The lizard is very frightened and almost immobile. It has small limbs and a golden-orange belly. It also has really nice eyes. I tried to lift it with a leaf but it slid into a hole in the ground.

Neotropic Cormorant

Spanish: cormorán oliváceo

Latin: Phalacrocorax brasilianus

I took this in a mangrove reserve in Yucatan. On this trip I also saw kingfishers, spider monkeys, dolphins, horseshoe crabs, exotic fish and birds of the mangrove.