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Mantids Part Two: Idolomantis diabolica Male

My second post focuses only on the male of the Devil’s Flower Mantis, or Idolomantis diabolica. This is the closest biological representation I have ever seen of surreal, campy evil. Again the male is seen in threat display. The male has special antennae (that look like vertebrae), used to detect females using scent. The male is brightly colored (assumedly for threat display), and the female is only beige. Next post will be about the female Idolomantis diabolica.


Mangrove Crabs

I took this picture in the mangrove in Yucatan. It’s an unidentified medium-sized mangrove crab who climbed into my dinghy and was very frightened.  Mangrove crabs are considered keystone species for many reasons: they are very important in stabilizing the ecosystem. On the same trip I also saw a tiny violin crab in the mangrove, jaibas in the shallow tidewaters, and a lot of big scary  horseshoe crab carcasses on the beach.

Kakapo Owl Parrot

The Strigops Habroptila, or (in Maori, the indigenous language) Kakapo is a large parrot native to New Zealand, with brilliant green plumage. The IUCN has labeled the Kakapo “critically endangered”, with only 120 individuals existing as of February 2010. Kakapos have a lifespan of 60 years, but are very vulnerable to predators because they have in isolated predator-free islands, and are the only flightless parrots on Earth. Kakapos are nocturnal herbivores. They are not owls, but are called owl-parrots because f their disked plumage around the face. Click images for an amazing, detailed view.